Dawn of life

One of the rules of inorganic matter and organic life is any new development builds on the foundation of the past. It is like erecting a tower:

One layer of building stones is put on the previous layer. Environmental changes may initiate the development of new directions and if this change of direction is not in accordance with the previous foundation, the new mutation has less chance to survive. This branch of organic evolution is in danger not to survive. Such continuously requiring adaptations through changed circumstances and in the same time having to suit life’s previous architecture is not forever able to balance and reason also of our limited existence, as individuals or as a whole species.

One day the more and more complicated building crashes under geological events or climate. This is what multicellular life struggles with since its separate existence. The challenge of moralistically coined life is the ability to adapt to the Ethos of radiating forces. This appears to be the quadrature of the circle.

We are talking in this time very much about the need to protect our blue Planet; this is indeed right but because of practical reasons difficult to achieve. But if we had gained more insight, we should go a step further and hit the problem right in the middle: humans should adapt to the changed conditions as they had to do in prehistory. The understandable trend is instead to do it vice versa, trying to adapt the changed conditions to suit mankind. The first would be a great investment into our organic future. This could be a first step into immortality and is, of course an illusion. Therefore, a multicellular organism is and will remain mortal and the cloning cell isn’t it.

We cannot change the basis, our past; we can only influence the future. Ironically, we can evaluate the past but we cannot predict the future.

The past is stamped into our genome and in these days we are progressing breathtakingly on all scientific fronts to identify our genome.

We know from medical-gynaecological research as well from very empirical experiences that with fertilization of the female ovum, our evolution is replayed in a fast track. We are starting our embryonic life as cluster of single cells, amphibious organisms, moving through the stage of land inhabiting animals to the mammals and finishing with primates. This all happens in about 8 – 9 months of pregnancy and represents the evolution of about one billion years.

These are unimaginable figures. We are more at home with our imagination if we put minutes against it. This calculation is telling us that one minute pregnancy represents on average 2500 years of historic development. It is indeed a very fast, which places the older times on a faster and the later ones on a slower track.

These figures are demonstrated for two reasons. First is to show the fast track from conception to human being and secondly to make you aware time is not constant and is reflected in parallels (this will be covered in the chapter “Human Ethology: Parallelism time related dimensions”).

This fast track starts from sexually initiated conception as a union of two biological eukaryote cells leading to the development as biological multicellular organism.

Biological cell life however is much older. The earliest estimates are indicating about 4 billion of years, but this figure may in future be corrected; the earliest age of the geological sediments just don’t show up more and the microscopically tiny unshelled bodies of cells are difficult to locate. The Earth was at this point only 3 - 500 hundred million years old and a concentration of fiery matter and surely not a good birth place for organic life. It could well be assumed that biological cells are a similar or the same age as our Universe since the Big Bang and this would be 13.82 billion years. This is because it appears a number of elementary patterns of our life have been created a long time before the solar system came into existence.

With this research it is possible to reflect similarly to the pregnancy in a fast track the development of the single cell organism to the creation of the multicellular organism, from the ‘waking up’ of the predecessor of the Eukaryote cell to the basically very aggressive sexual encounter of conception. This is what the cell has registered and is possible to decipher, but it is a truly breathtaking walk into a deep cage of history.

How is it possible to find the precise time of conception– down to the hour and the minute - because here starts everything and at the same time such precise time is required to calculate the prehistoric basis of the code accurately. This begins with the chapter “Human Ethology: Differences in body weight” explaining the connection between conception and body weight with regard to the female ovum. This at hand one is able to have a rough idea about the time of conception, varying between 1- 2 days.

In order to find the hour and even the minute of the conceptual event one needs to each for very elementary patterns of the individual personality. These basic elementary patterns are hidden between the mists of every day events and not easily recognizable.

Therefore the test person has to register daily 12 set of observations about characteristics and mental state for a number of years. Other measures are heartbeat, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, colour sensitivity and body temperature.

Other fluctuating physical expressions could be measured and tests would be useful, but for such an exercise are needed more complicated medical appliances and the measures have to be medically supervised.

Once a sufficient number of registrations are available the results are going to be added up and then divided by the number of registrations in order to average them. As grid is a time scale which is orientated on universal times – sidereal values - and not synodic earthly times.

This diagram shows averaged and differing systolic blood pressure levels. The data has been taken for six years every day and containing about 16.000 registrations and represents the averaged value of systolic blood pressure during one year. On the left we see the values from 140 to 154 mmHg; on the bottom line we are showing Zodiac signs because we are measuring sidereal time values. This means the year has 360 days and not 365 days. The synodic or earthly time measure would corrupt the test. All vertical pointed lines are representing 3 days of a sidereal year. This diagram is stable i.e. sudden socially or health originated deviations are not influencing the curves of the diagram. The first thing to be observed is the curve of remarkable peaks and troughs. The life style of the test person has not changed throughout these six years and nothing can explain these strong swings. The answer: Peaks and troughs of predecessors of blood pressure are inherited genetically and are reminders of critical periods in earlier life as single cell. They lead us to expressions and origins of elementary patterns. To calculate the historic events, we need to work with parallelism of time (Theory of Quantum Mechanics) as well as other tests in our research program. The average systolic blood pressure itself results from our life style but includes inheridetary traces of our family genom. In our research we analyze the peaks and troughs only.

This diagram exposes also another medical myth as untrue: medical treatment has healing capacity for long term illnesses.
On the right hand we see a single very high peak. This peak reaches extreme high one has to ask for a reason for the period from the 20th of January to the 5th of February as there is no change of life style. Additionally it has to be mentioned, that this is an average value only. Single measures could go up to 180/190mmHg! This is the time, for sure, the person doesn’t feel healthy and he visits the doctor. The doctor measures the pressure and confirms the closeness of a stroke and prescribe Beta Blocker pills for regular daily intake and the strength is measured on the level of these ‘bad’ days. One – two weeks later, however, the blood pressure is down, with and without pills. As patients we are grateful and think the pills have done a good job and take the pills from there on on a regular daily basis. We don’t know that the pills are dangerously overdosed. What we will achieve with regular intake with all certainty is we are ruining our body’s defense system and degenerating all natural levels of maintaining body recreativity. After a while the body expects pills otherwise the systolic blood pressure will go dangerously up. The body expects the daily intake otherwise the blood pressure reacts dangerously. Side effects are taking place which require other tablets to avoid breakdown. The patient becomes now a frequent visitor in the surgery for the rest of his life. He might think at times, his mother and his father passed away in their 90s and he is life dangerously handicapped with 75. This part is always omitted in medical statistics.

Can the doctor be made responsible for the degenerating health? He helped in the first instance effectively, may be in a life saving action, but on long term his advise is the reason for destabilization of the body strength. It doesn’t help to say the already overworked doctor has to follow the guide lines of his profession and Health&Safety rulings. It is unfortunately also the truth that he had been trained to view human as a mechanical apparatus. It exists a permanently increased deficit of doctors, because the demand of medical treatment is increasing even more. By blaming the medical people, however, we are easily omitting very much that every single person is also responsible for all actions and when shortsightedness in this respect leads to life long damage, the people have to blame themselves. It is up to them to put some thoughts into the question of health. This I state contrary to the ruling view in our welfare society, which is poisoned additionally by a compensation culture.

Once importance and strength of this theory is officially accepted and this will surely happen, tests can be widened and deepened in quality and meaningfulness. To find this path it took many years of concentration and trials. The result is the product which could hardly have been developed in the academic world. It is too far out of the deterministic analytical routine of Cartesian coined science. Additionally, putting daily questions forward for 6 -12 years will reflect on the test person, deepen his insight and therefore improve his interpretation of events around him and about himself.

We can compare it to the geological layers of the Earth. Our organic, mental, physiological life is structured similarly like geological sediments and we are able to expose the basic information. But similar as we have to learn to understand Geology, so we need to learn to decipher our daily reactions, the daily events of more or less importance. We want to expose the shape of those treasures hidden in sediments by patiently applying the same exercise every day leading to averaged results. Like the archaeologist who finely hammers and chisels carefully around the object and blows patiently the lose sand away up to the moment the eyes become aware of the formation and the structure of the item.

The following example is the interpretation of elementary pattern setting in very early times, probably one of the earliest recordings in our genome. This picture tells of sleep – not sleep as we understand it as our daily break to recover, but sleep as motionless equilibrium, as Nirvana, as universal inhaling – exhaling without being dragged between poles of extremities but instead covering them completely as a matter of casualness.

This picture of eternal peace changes slowly. The solid ground underneath tremors and the temperatures are getting higher but the cell doesn’t want to leave this place. It doesn’t change its position and tries to live with this increasingly worsening situation, feeling the harder times but doesn’t want to give up, it cannot give up because it is fixed to the ground. Finally it becomes unbearable and the cell is being hurled out into the vast and freezing cold Universe desperately fighting for survival. This very simple cell had been still fixed to the ground and had to learn to move.

A biblical compelling Old Testamentarian tale is the expulsion of the paradise. Eternal peace is lost and hardship sets in as a response of Jehovah for the sin to acquire knowledge of differentiation. However, the moralistic view of contemporary religion founders has interpreted the story following their own agenda. There was no division between female and male individuals and the apple of cognition handed by Eve to Adam was to establish the eternal guilt of feminism in a male domineered society. But most importantly those religious founders are changing one outstanding fact. The cell didn’t want to leave or to change and apply sophistication as part of its own style, geological crashes and eruptions of giant measures expelled it by force from peaceful solemnity.

In order to survive and to rationalize the cell had to learn to approach pattern as aim and differentiate between elements and activated itself for the first time to electromagnetic waves as guide, vehicle and domicile – the original most elementary cells were motionless fixed to the ground. The Judaism’s religion founders turned it just around and brought an irate Jehovah into the picture as excuse for sins of grasping knowledge and consequently expelled Adam (and Eve) from the Garden of Eden.

Beside this obviously biased interpretation, it is surprising that both stories are recording the same. The core of the story is the same: Struggle for survival in a harsher developing environment through differentiation and mobility.

The real story is very prosaic and doesn’t reach philosophically very far.


The expulsion from the paradise like to show the archangel with a sword threatening Adam and Eve to flee without mercy in mythological pictures and writings of this archetypical event. A forced leave of accustomed place is in accordance with the genetic reading: Geological upheavels from an underneath created explosions connected with change to a burning hot climate and ended with being hurled out into the vast Universe into a freezing environment. Chances of survival were minimal but a mutational improvement of the cells, achieved probably in Millions of generations to become mobile and becoming aware how to differentiate between electromagnetic waves allowed it to a certain extent to influence its direction. This was the consequence of a desperate situation to survive; whereas in the Bible the punishment of expulsion is a consequence of adaptation to sophistication and logic. Knowing that life is by principle lethargic and doesn’t change if not forced, speaks in favour of this observation and indicates that authors of the Bible have turned the obvious just around to support their case. These very risky moments of cells to survive is true: otherwise we would not find it in the genetic code.

The predecessor of the Eukaryote cell (it took obviously the genetic knowledge of it’s past as RNA, Archaea or Extremophile cell existence with it, because the cell differentiates clearly that the very old cell billions of years ago could not move whereas this cell could navigate) lived in peace in the scrotum and didn’t accept the obvious endeavours of its owner to get going – so it needed some (loving) teasing and some applied nervous restlessness.

Finally it gave up its resistance and was hurled out into the unknown, unhappy and not knowing what the future was holding without any sexual thoughts, only aware to be forced and fearing for its survival. This happened precisely at the 24th of Feb. 1940 at 19.47 pm.

It is extremely noteworthy and changes some scientific assumptions that the modern eukaryote cell disposes of the experience which has been collected during previous possibly 13/14 billion of years at times of previous generations of cells like the primitive pre cells, Archaeas and extremophile cells. Because it is capable to differentiate in it’s stored memory, that the old cell couldn’t move whereas it is able to move (to swim).

This point of the objective recognition of another form of life is sensed by it as normal. This appears to be sensational and to such an extent dramatic, because in our way, how we see ourselves, we will be confronted with dimensions which revolutionize our principle cultural and philosophical views. In the first instance it is not important if the modern eukaryote cell is directly related with primitive pre- cells, or if it has gained this knowledge from somewhere else. In practical and physical development of our sexual cells this means they are starting life in the gonades as simple cell forms and some or many are changing morphologically during sexual courting and during the travel to the ovum they are developing to become beside others the modern eukaryote cells as well. The development takes place very clearly during the ‘travel’ and can then be translated into the billion of years of development.

This is the earliest elementary pattern which we found and it relates to the oldest ancestor of the test person. The pre- cell is not able to move and is fixed to the ground in a stage between inorganic matter and organic first life. It would be very challenging to find the key to the first rudimentary consciousness. It should probably be a wave band of electromagnetic radiation which has started the initial ignition of organic life.

Equally it is surprising that the principle of this evolutionary story had been known by the bible writing prophets 5000 years ago. This indicates that basic knowledge of deepest questions of our being is rooted inside us, independent of whether we are we literate or not ,from which culture we are originating and on which principles our sciences and religions are based.